As a rule, the bachelor thesis is the first comprehensive, independently conceived study work. Sometimes students may feel stressed or overburdened. Ghost Writers therefore offer to have the bachelor thesis written completely by third parties. This is of course illegal and leads to serious consequences when flying!

How do Ghost Writer vendors lure at Bachelor theses?

Ghost-writing providers of academic theses can be found quickly on the Internet. For example, advertises that it is not uncommon to have a bachelor’s thesis written by a third party, and that it is also a sensible investment because it creates time for other things. This is of course wrong – as we want to show you in this article.

Ghost writer providers want to lure potential customers with universal statements:

  • The bachelor’s thesis was only an intermediate step: In the course of the Bologna Process, many courses in Europe were converted into consecutive Bachelor-Master-Systems. Ghost writers claim that the bachelor’s degree is therefore only an unimportant intermediate step. That’s not right – because: A bachelor’s degree program is designed so that, as a rule, after three years of regular study time, sufficient job-related qualifications have been learned. The Bachelor is a full university degree.

The bachelor thesis was only a detailed examination – own scientific findings would not be expected: Often the argument is given that the bachelor thesis is enormously time-consuming, but offers no added value and therefore stowed away in a filing cabinet of the university. Ghost writers argue that students should prefer to use the time for other things and have the bachelor thesis written by others. This is also wrong: A good bachelor thesis is characterized in particular by the fact that it goes beyond a mere reproduction of the state of research on the subject. To form your own opinion and to argue this is an important point of evaluation of the thesis.

Ghost writers would create free space for the students: the bachelor thesis is often written under time pressure. Many students also write exams, apply for internships or master’s programs. Ghost writers advertise the writing process of the bachelor thesis – but it is not advisable.

Why writing a bachelor thesis does not make sense

Professional ghostwriters usually have a large pool of bachelor theses already written on various general topics such as financial crisis or digitization etc. These text modules are usually copied together to give the students the appearance of their specific topic. However, individually written pages of a Ghost Writer are rarely found.

For that reason, the risk of fraud is very high. The universities and colleges use plagiarism software to expose copied Bachelor theses. Even if the bachelor thesis was not discovered as plagiarism, one goes as a student in lifelong dependence of the Ghost Writer. As a student, you can be blackmailed if a later career in business or politics succeeds. Of course, this constant danger also causes stress.

In addition, many bachelor theses have an empirical or internal part. This is rarely taken over by a ghost writer. In particular, the evaluation of the empirical part and the development of one’s own conclusion are fundamental components of the own performance of a thesis.

During the writing process of the bachelor thesis, it is also advisable to meet several times with the supervisor to discuss current problems and to get the important opinion of the supervisor. Of course, if you leave the thesis written by a Ghost Writer, you are only very limited in your meaning here – which is quickly noticed.

In addition, you will learn to write a bachelor thesis fundamental skills for later professional life. It is important to have your own time management, the ability to prioritize things and to motivate yourself to complete the work by the deadline.

Writing a bachelor thesis with a Ghost Writer is therefore not helpful, because the latest master thesis or in later professional life, these soft skills are immensely important. Sometimes mistakes can be made in the time management of the bachelor thesis – that’s why writing the bachelor thesis offers an ideal environment to learn from past mistakes for later situations.

What are the consequences if the thesis is written by a ghostwriter?

Hiring a Ghostwriter and having the bachelor thesis written has serious consequences – because it’s cheating! If this is noticed during the correction, it usually leads to a direct de-registration and a fine. A renewed attempt to complete the bachelor thesis is not offered. The specific consequences are laid down in the Higher Education Act. This is regulated differently in the various federal states and is not uniform at the federal level. The basic consensus, however, is that the student will knowingly and to a greater extent commit fraud, which will lead to severe penalties.

What alternatives are there to ghostwriters?

Of course, there are legal alternatives to a ghost writer. If uncertainty exists, a professional academic editing of the bachelor thesis is recommended. Here individual advice on the argumentation technique and the scientific structure regarding consistency and coherence of a bachelor thesis can be obtained. Many editorial departments also offer assistance with layout and handling of popular word processing programs. Lekto Rats are legal unlike Ghost Writers because they do not change the content of the thesis.