The sixth semester has begun. You probably just come back from the semester abroad in your study city, you have to first get used to the old environment again. But the next big project is already approaching: the bachelor thesis.

Although there are still a few lectures for the semester on the plan, but actually concentrate your thoughts directly on the large final project of your study: the bachelor thesis. It is worth – and that is really no big news – of course, as soon as possible to start editing. But how do I best start with the bachelor thesis? What should I pay attention to at the beginning?

Sift literature for the bachelor thesis and set topic

The first step – and actually the most important one in the entire process – is to find a suitable topic for the bachelor thesis. This is often more difficult than expected. Of course, your professor at the chair has a list of topics that you can easily access. This is of course attractive in that you can be sure that the topic for the bachelor thesis is 100% suitable for scientific work. But it is not always the case that you like the topics directly.

And for the very exciting topics, the competition is also high. It often happens that the best topics for the bachelor thesis are already taken away before you even inquired intensively. Of course, you are not bound by the topic list of your professor or chair, but you can also look for your own topic. Of course, you always have the uncertainty here: Does my topic really fit into the scientific discourse? Is the topic really suitable for a bachelor thesis?

In order to make a good assessment in this regard, you should first deal intensively with the relevant literature. Only if you have a good understanding of which research questions are really discussed in the scientific literature of your area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, you can reasonably consider how your bachelor thesis could link here.

Bachelor Thesis: clarify the care situation and narrow down the topic
After you have gained an overview of exciting topics and ideally can justify why you are particularly interested in this topic and which new results a bachelor thesis could provide, it is important for you to ensure the supervision of your bachelor thesis.

Often, of course, you already know through previous seminars and lectures, which scientific employees are interested in your topic. If this is not the case, and your topic is just outside the core lectures of your bachelor program, then you can best inform yourself on the page of your university and the individual chairs on the respective topics. Usually the last publications of the respective professors are listed there, so that you can get a good overview of what is currently being researched and if there are interfaces with your subject area.

A good possibility is certainly Researchgate, there you can see the publications of different scientists directly. By looking specifically for your university, you can also simply view the publications relevant to you from your university or university. This could make it even easier to find a suitable supervisor.

Once you’ve created a list of potential caregivers, of course, it’s important to make contact. If you already know the professor or the academic assistant from the previous semesters, it should be easy for you to arrange a first appointment without any obligation in order to present your request. Otherwise, you should write a short e-mail, in which you imagine yourself and your anvisiertes topic ever.

It is also advisable to send a resume directly so that your potential supervisor can inform you as comprehensively as possible about your previous career and your abilities. Of course, this is often an important criterion for your supervisor, because of course he also wants the topic to be a success.

In the first personal conversation with a potential supervisor, you should detail your concept for editing the topic. The direct input can often tell you immediately if you are in a realistic frame with your ideas. If you are on the right path, you will usually be notified quickly. Ideally, at the end of the interview, you have a permanent supervisor for a limited Bachelor thesis topic. If not, you usually get the task to further narrow down the topic and to check which question

If you have found your topic and a scientific assistant / professor has agreed to take care of your bachelor thesis, then it is important to deal with the specific details of the work. That means: The bachelor thesis has to be registered. But to determine the perfect time for the application of the bachelor thesis, you should of course first plan your semester concrete. Which lectures are available and how intense is the associated workload? When are the exams this semester?

In many universities and colleges, the flexibility in terms of the registration is not very large: There are different registration dates, which must be adhered to. But even with only two available registration dates, it is worthwhile to check in advance which phase of the semester is the most stressful and whether sufficient time remains for the intensive processing of the bachelor thesis. For if the editing phase of the bachelor thesis collides with the submission of another seminar paper, this is of course not optimal.

If you only have one semester for your bachelor thesis and no courses at the same time, then of course you can be very lucky. For all others the planning of the bachelor thesis is an essential part. If you have set yourself on the best period, it is only necessary to register the bachelor thesis at the Examination Office. There are ready-made forms that you can get directly from your supervisor or from the website of the Examinations Office. If the details are all approved, then your official processing time starts and thus your last major academic examination in the bachelor program.