The bachelor thesis consists of many different building blocks: As examples, the topic search, the literature search, the writing process, the proofreading of the bachelor thesis and the levy can be mentioned.

As you write the bachelor thesis, you are now required to self-allocate your time – because poor planning results in a lot of work in a very short time to meet the deadline. The feeling of stress could arise, so that the inner motivation is lost. This can be avoided by some tips & tricks in planning.

Basic time management during the bachelor thesis

In the bachelor thesis it is difficult for many students to work continuously towards the goal of the levy. Especially at the end of the bachelor program, many things can distract you, such as applications for subsequent internships or master’s programs. However, it helps tremendously to stick to three basic points of good time management:

Laying the foundation: First, the framework conditions of the Bachelor thesis should be made aware. Should the bachelor thesis be exclusively literature-based or research-based / empirical? How many pages should the thesis have? In a research thesis, you often work with companies or departmental staff. So you depend to a degree on third persons, and you need to include this in the timing.

For example, it could be problematic if the personal contact within the company has to meet other important deadlines in between, or if the machine required for the examination at the chair is used for other research. These points should be taken into account by sufficient time management buffers to avoid stress.

Theoretical works are less vulnerable in these points. But even with these works, it can sometimes lead to delays in obtaining literature. Nevertheless, fewer chairs are expected to have fewer pages for research / empirical work than for exclusively literature-based Bachelor theses.

Setting Milestones: The second step was to divide the work process. The components of a bachelor thesis such as topic finding, research, writing process etc. can be detailed with milestones. In the writing process, for example, a subdivision in outline, introduction, state of research, etc. is recommended.

These milestones should be proven with realistic times. It should be noted that there will always be time shifts or loops in the work process – for example, revision of the structure – that will be scheduled with buffer in time management.

Such milestone planning can be visualized with programs. Microsoft Project is a professional but also paid project management tool. The milestones set in the “Project” Bachelor Thesis can be presented in Gantt charts and the own progress can be tracked. An alternative is ProjectLibre, a free open source software, but still offers enough opportunities for students to follow the milestones set.

Constant control: The presented time management programs offer you an excellent opportunity to observe your own progress. Constant control is a very important point in time management. Because despite all preparatory planning, adjustments may be necessary again and again.

Even if these programs should not be used, a self-created checklist on the milestones is recommended. These help in the clarity and show the feasibility of the project bachelor thesis, which stress by time pressure can be avoided.

Avoid stress during the bachelor thesis

If these basic times of time management are respected, you can save yourself a lot of time pressure. Of course, there are other factors that can reduce the onset of stress during the bachelor thesis.

  • Separate working and living space: Concentration can be greatly enhanced if distractions during working hours are minimized. This includes, for example, a tidy job that contains only the essentials needed to write the bachelor thesis.

The private TV next to the desk can quickly lead to distraction. Studies have also shown that stress and sleep difficulties can be further reduced if the workplace is not in the same room as the bed – as is often the case in shared flats or student apartments. Recovery is easier if, for example, the workplace is moved to the library. As a result, it is also possible to distinguish between working and recovery phases in the subconscious.

  • Can not be influenced: It is important to make your own time management according to individual preferences, and not be influenced by other students. There are people who can write better in the evening, but also those who find it easier in the morning. Here should be trusted to your own feelings
  • Perform preliminary research: Especially with current topics, it may happen that the literature search is difficult. It is helpful to do a pre-search before collecting the topic and to gather and structure ideas. This makes it easier to estimate how much time is needed and what critical points await you.
  • build up personal pressure: The established schedule helps to meet the personal goals. If things continue to be postponed according to the motto “I can still do that tomorrow”, the stress is preprogrammed shortly before the submission of the bachelor thesis.

Get motivation during the final thesis

It is sometimes not so easy to get the motivation for the whole period of the bachelor thesis. After all, it is usually three months spent researching and writing about a topic. The search for the right topic should therefore not be underestimated. Even if, for example, the chair is known for giving high marks for theses, you should take a close look at the topics offered. It’s easier to be motivated to write the bachelor thesis, even if the topic is fun.

In addition, it is important to plan and make breaks. Every job is tiring in the long run. Keeping up with the hobbies, doing sports, meeting and relaxing with friends should not be neglected during the bachelor thesis. These things can also work against a writer’s block.

The bachelor thesis: Conclusion

The time management of a bachelor thesis is an extremely important part of a good bachelor thesis. It helps to divide the big goal of the levy into smaller milestones and to avoid stress. Fun and motivation make writing easier.